• Saturday, March 8th
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Do we get our money’s worth for what we pay doctors?

B.C. auditor-general raises some important questions about how we use public funds… Read on: globeandmail – National


Why We Need a National Approach to Lyme Disease

Why We Need a National Approach to Lyme Disease

I was saddened that HuffPost blogger Michael Kruse has misrepresented Bill C-442, my private members bill to develop a national approach to the growing threat of Lyme Disease. Up until his uninformed blog, it had been received as what it...


Health system faces year of restraint as budget looms

Health system faces year of restraint as budget looms

Minister hints at focus on more efficiency, not funding… Read on: Edmonton Journal


Health policies feature prominently on final day of Convention

MONTREAL – Health-related policies took centre stage on the final day of the Liberal’s biennial convention, with a handful of resolutions passing almost unanimously. Here are four health policies the Liberal’s have added to...


Canadian health groups warn against commercial ultrasounds

Procedures used for the sole purpose of determining the sex of fetuses raises concern over gender-motivated abortions… Read on: globeandmail – National


More doctors without jobs as Canadians face long wait times

OTTAWA — More than 100 stakeholders in the medical profession are gathering in Ottawa this week to discuss a paradoxical issue affecting health care in Canada: a growing number of doctors without jobs. Read on: Canada.com


Budget 2014 triggers Harper’s plan to dismantle national health care (subscription required)

Budget indicates the government will use federal transfers in order to eliminate national standards in health care. Michael McBane Mon, 2014-02-17 (All...


Canada facing growing crisis on prescription drugs (subscription required)

Michel Perron Mon, 2014-02-10 (All day)   Canada is facing a growing crisis. Too many of our citizens are abusing prescription drugs—primarily...


Canada’s ERs missing mark on waiting times, new statistics reveal

Statistics show 90 per cent of patients who need to be admitted are checked into a bed in 27.9 hours or less – more than twice the 12-hour target the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians suggested last fall… Read on: globeandmail...


This year’s flu shot offered good protection against becoming seriously ill: study

TORONTO — A new Canadian study suggests this year’s flu shot offered good protection to people who received it… Read on: Canada.com


How health wait times fell off the Harper government’s radar

How health wait times fell off the Harper government’s radar

Last week, as Stephen Harper’s Conservatives marked eight years since their rise to power, the Health Council of Canada delivered what seemed to be a rather inconsiderate anniversary gift… Read on: Maclean’s


PEI whooping-cough outbreak has at least six confirmed cases

Patients are being treated with antibiotics, which an official said would help prevent the illness from spreading but not stop the cough… Read on: globeandmail – National


What makes superbugs super: anatomy of a drug-resistant bacteria

As authorities work to stem the spread of CPE in British Columbia hospitals, we explain the characteristics of a superbug… Read on: globeandmail – National


Patients isolated after drug-resistant bacteria outbreak

Attempts to halt spread of drug-resistant bug at New Westminster’s Royal Columbian Hospital have failed, officials say… Read on: globeandmail – National


As boomers age, not nearly enough specialists to treat rheumatoid arthritis sufferers

The number of patients in Ontario more than doubled from 1996 to 2010, while the number of rheumatologists did not increase at all… Read on: globeandmail – National