• Tuesday, October 22nd
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Special Features


The province has negotiated lower drug prices, and added more prescription drugs to the pharmacare formulary, benefiting Manitobans by saving tax payers millions of dollars and creating more choice for those families who need life-saving drugs,...


S Korea tops global healthcare improvement table; Spain comes last

S Korea tops global healthcare improvement table; Spain comes last. Ipsos used a scorecard based on net findings and a gap score analysis of the 15 nations to establish an overall score for each on the Report Card, and also gave them a letter...


Implementing Lean Health Reforms in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has gone further than any other Canadian province in implementing health system process improvements using Lean, a production line discipline that originated with the automobile industry. The goal of the Lean reform is to reduce...


PAHO/WHO Urges Countries Of The Americas To Work Toward 100% Voluntary Altruistic Blood Donation

In Latin America and the Caribbean, only 41% of blood supplies are obtained through voluntary altruistic blood donation, the safest way to collect blood, according to the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)....


Patients want access to digital health information

Canadian Medical Association Journal publish ahead of print


Data Mining EMRs Can Detect Bad Drug Reactions

NJIT Assistant Professor Mei Liu, PhD, a computer scientist, has recently shown in a new study that electronic medical records can validate previously reported adverse drug reactions and report new ones. “Comparative Analysis of Pharmacovigilance...


Drug Companies’ Patent-Extending Strategies Substantially Increases Health Care Costs

Evergreening strategies–where pharmaceutical companies slightly change the formulation of their brand drug into “follow on” drugs by combining formulations or producing slow-release forms, for example, so that they can extend...


Cord blood from Canada’s new national bank saves lives

After Amy and Mike Lupton’s son, Nate, was born on April 7, 2010, he was diagnosed with Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome, a rare immune deficiency that affects one in 250,000 live male births. The disease impacts the body’s ability to produce platelets...


The Fight for Pharmacare

Canada is the only developed country that has a universal health care system but doesn’t cover prescription drugs. Not only is this bad fiscal policy, but it has left eight million Canadians without coverage. In the absence of a national...


News Release – Canada hosts panel on mental health at the World Health Assembly

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND ? Experts from Canada, the US, Australia, Chile and Ethiopia took part on a panel at the World Health Assembly today to share their experiences and innovative approaches in addressing mental health. Public Health Agency of...


Ontario Strengthening Hospital Drug Supply

Ontario is protecting patients by strengthening the oversight and safety of drugs that are purchased or obtained by hospitals, including chemotherapy drugs. Government of Ontario News – Health and Long-Term Care: News


Attention to health in federal budget “disappointing”

Canadian Medical Association Journal recent issues


Canada lags in using robotic surgery

Canadian Medical Association Journal current issue


Drug patents: the high price of watchdog litigation

Canadian Medical Association Journal publish ahead of print


Rising measles outbreaks threaten vaccine-averse

Canadian Medical Association Journal publish ahead of print