Bright Ideas is a initiative aimed at partnering with Canadian universities to promote ideas of future leaders and generating dialogue.  It is an opportunity for students to publish ideas under the supervision of their professors.

Below is a list of current participating universities:

About the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation


At the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation (‘the Centre’) we are dedicated to driving the adoption of innovations that will transform health. Whether innovation takes the form of processes, programs, systems or technologies, the Centre works with multi-disciplinary teams from across the country and around the globe to create the conditions for health system innovation to thrive.  Our unique business model brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, health providers, researchers and academics, and policy makers to drive change through applied demonstration projects, thought leadership and capacity building to sustain and spread innovation in the health sector.  By assessing, developing, commercializing and implementing new innovations, the Centre acts as a catalyst for a health system that is sustainable, productive, and embraces innovation.

About the University of Manitoba, Department of Community Health Sciences

logo_um_hCommunity Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba brings a population health  focus to local, national and international health issues.  Multidisciplinary research teams bring together healthcare providers, policymakers, researchers and clients to develop solutions that contribute to the physical, social, psychological, cultural and economic wellbeing of individuals, families and communities from around the world. Our model of academic leadership and service stresses community leadership and capacity building to develop and sustain population health.

The views expressed in these blogs are the opinions of their authors, and do not necessarily reflect those of the universities or

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